Sales superstars, come join us.

Location: TMRW, 75-77 High Street, Croydon


TMRW is an office and coworking workspace for entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations in need or collaboration and inspiration. We are south London’s largest workspace and are the only ‘new generation’ facility, with generous space, designer furniture and a community network.

We are looking for a kick-ass sales Superhero to lead our sales process, managing offices, coworking, events and strategic sales. This is a great opportunity to take your existing high sales experience to the next level. So stop aiming to be the next presenter of Countdown or Love Island and become a millionaire with us instead.


About you

You will blow us away with your charm, knowledge, sales experience, passion for developing business and growing sales. Yes, you’re that irresistible; imagine if Jordan Belfort and Jessica Alba got married and had a kid: that kid is you.



  • As the first point of contact into TMRW, you represent TMRW’s brand values and vision
  • Generate prospects leverage our marketing tools and team
  • Arrange and conduct tours, follow-up and keep our CRM up to date
  • Lead all opportunities from prospect to signed contract
  • Handle enquires for all members, both internal and external
  • Maintain and grow existing membership relationships; optimise upselling opportunities
  • Report on all KPIs monthly
  • Support the Management team in delivering its KPIs

OK. Now let’s talk about what you’re going to achieve here.

Personal & skills

  • You are familiar with, and have already closed business with, both larger companies and start-ups. You understand how they differ in their decision cycles, speed of action and when to push or pull back and wait.
  • You make complex things easy and understandable; my gran would understand and buy from you.
  • You can speak two main languages – English for normal people and for entrepreneurs, digiNomads, techie hipsters and media daaahlin’s; you are able to gauge your audience quickly and select your language accordingly.
  • You love contact (steady on, not that type of contact); you prefer following up on the phone and avoid email tennis.
  • You’re organised and don’t let leads go cold, ever. People refer to you as the equivalent of Glengarry Glen Ross’s Alec Baldwin (“put that coffee down, coffee’s for closers!”).
  • You can smell deals; you can tell what the weather will be the day they sign our contract.
  • Your previous team respects you for your good nature, smarts and respectful attitude at all times. You are polite, considerate, fun and supportive when needed, yet never satisfied with the current status and seek more.
  • Ugly, inefficient, lazy irritates you – everything from your paired pens and matching clothes to your fully categorized and alphabetized filing system screams Monica from Friends
  • You have impeccable communication skills, verbal and written; you love a good story – and you deliver compelling arguments through innovative storytelling using a mixture of communication methods (the medium of dance gains you bonus points – just kiddin’).

Well, we did say we’re looking for a superhero…you’re not chickening now, are you? Good.

Technical skills

  1. CRM: HubSpot,Google For Business, PipeDrive, any decent and industry standard CRM should do.
  2. Excel or Google Sheets Advanced level; you need to be comfortable with:
    • Formulas: and no, being able to use “=sum()” doesn’t count
    • Forecast sheet and a KPI charts
  3. PowerPoint advanced Level, comfortable with:
    • Slide Master – can you build a professional template from scratch?
    • Can you build a visually attractive enough and informative slide deck you could present to Elon Musk or Accel Ventures’ Founder Partners?
  4. Bonus points for HTML, WordPress, Zapier, SQL, basic scripts and data parsers

Well, we did say we’re looking for a superhero…you’re not chickening now, are you!? Good.

Ready to take the jump and apply ?

Good. We knew you’d make it. Here’s what you need to do now.

How to apply

To apply, send the following to

  1. Tell us why we should hire you? (Max 300 words)
  2. Your CV
  3. Attach the sales report with KPIs you created and are most proud of

Remember, communication style matters, so think about it. Good luck!


south London's best office & coworking workspace.

75-77 High Street - Croydon CR0 1QE