Honed SEO

Meet Matt and Hervé from Honed SEO.⠀

1. In a nutshell, what is Honed SEO and how did you get to this stage?

Honed SEO is the most reputable Freelance SEO agency in the country, it was always my professional aim to setup an SEO agency that offers really epic search optimisations – that glow in effectiveness and happy clients that are more like family!⠀

2. What are the three things Honed is hoping to achieve this year?

Growth, better work-life balances and more exciting results!⠀

3. What are your favourite things about TMRW?

Sunlight, windows you can open – oddly, and a nearby high street. Most offices have very little of these⠀

4. Favourite Byte Cafe bite?

The chocolate pastries!