A Thousand Winds

Meet TMRW member Lucy Taylor, the guru behind A Thousand Winds.

1. In a nutshell, what is A Thousand Winds and how did you get get into it?

My business mission is to create engaging and meaningful opportunities to talk about death. My focus is practical and spiritual… so things like supporting people to get clear on what would need to be planned for in the event of their death, or an incident that would make them unable to make their own decisions, to addressing questions of legacy… What impact do I want to make in my lifetime? How can I live and die in integrity? ⁣
I got into this work through my training as coach and facilitator. I saw a big death awareness shaped gap in the way we relate to ourselves, others and our current systems of power and oppression. ⁣

2. Tell us three things you’re hoping to achieve this year for your company?

This year I aim to finish a free project where I’m facilitating 100 conversations about death. (Shout out if you want to schedule a chat!) I’m also excited about designing a suite of end of life planning services for online business owners. By early 2020 my big goal is to launch a program called ‘A Year To Live’, where I’ll be guiding a group of participants on a year long self-exploration into life, legacy making and being mortal in a death denying culture.⁣

3. What is your favourite thing about TMRW?
⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣
The peace and quiet! At the moment I am short of privacy and a workspace at home, so the ability to be able to focus and be in this beautiful space has completely reinvigorated me and my productivity. ⁣

4. Favourite Byte Cafe bite?

Always going to be avocado toast with feta.⁣