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VC’s pulling term-sheets

There are few events as dangerous as seeing a term-sheet pulled by a VC after you have signed it, yet it happens more often than you might think. It can be a life threatening moment for your company as you might have signaled to other interested investors that you...

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Concrete sunshine

We are complete fans of Kate Marsden’s illustrations – we of course have her Croydon fabric wallets to hold our oyster cards, and a print of her Fairfield Halls design hangs in pride of place on our wall. Her textiles have a 50s/60s vibe (the best era for fabrics as...

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TMRW: an inspiring coworking space in Croydon

A new coworking space in Croydon that brings community and design to the forefront. Coworking hubs are leading the charge when it comes to fitting out unique spaces with beautifully designed furniture. At Opendesk, we’ve been lucky to kit out a few of them with pieces...

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